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rtorch.gif (8308 bytes)rtorch.gif (8308 bytes) I'm Dragon Reed

DRAGON:  A fabulous serpent like winged creature who has magical powers. 

DRACO:    A northern constellation seen best in June on the Mediterranean.  Reputed author of the first Athenian written code of laws, a credo.  I'm here and I'm Dragon you choose   which one.

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                 celtic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)DRAGON'S CREDOceltic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)

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                      celtic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)Tell the truth.

                      celtic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)Do your best, no matter how trivial the task.

                      celtic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)Choose the difficult right over the easy wrong.

                      celtic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)Look out for the group before you look out for                                 yourself.

                      celtic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)Don't whine or make excuses.

                      celtic2bt.gif (1901 bytes)Judge others by their actions not by their race or                                 words.

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For more information about me......

Visit my Dragon's Respite

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