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rtorch.gif (8308 bytes)The Greatest Treasuresrtorch.gif (8308 bytes)

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Are sometimes the simple written word.......

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Rgl gan ddywedyd (The Sayings)

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The history of the collective thoughts, actions, language, arts and works of humans throughout geological imposed time.anmi15.gif (4359 bytes)

Deeper thoughts make wiser minds, and intelligence lurks within.

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Those who try to prove themselves the most, anmi16.gif (3504 bytes)have the most to hide.

Time is part of life's energy.

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Never catalog those things in the heart.dragon.gif (1646 bytes)

Nothing is more real than the fact that you live.

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Less is only less when you want more.flywink.gif (12057 bytes)

Never is like being lost and knowing you where here before.

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The one that seeks to answer the question often fails to understand the meaning of that which was asked.

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For more writing by Dragon

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anmi15.gif (4359 bytes) Whimsy.....I update both regularly

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Guestbook by Lpage

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